Cold Pressed Juices

Healthy or Hype ?

Dt. Pooja Gupta


Whether you're an advanced yogi or a person who just loves their juice, you will likely have heard of cold-pressed juice. If you haven't, welcome to PREETAMRIT.

Cold-pressed juice has been getting a lot of press (pun intended). Though it has been around for decades, its popularity has been bolstered by influencers and social media. Some think that it is simply another health craze, here today and gone tomorrow. Others swear by it and have cold-pressed juice every day. Well, which is it?

Cold-pressed juice is made by pressing fruit and vegetables. A bottle of cold-pressed juice costs around Rs. 100, which plenty of people are happy to pay.

When you cold-press your juice, it retains more vitamins, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants than regular juice. This makes it a healthier alternative to traditional juicing. Cold-pressed juice is never exposed to heat during its juicing process, which is important for producing more fruit per serving.

Machines and tools built to aid in cold-press juicing are also called masticating juicers, because they use hydraulic power to effectively chew and crush the juice out of otherwise fibrous plants. Cold-pressing takes longer and produces less juice. But the juice created is richer in nutritional content.

Cold-pressed juice can help ease the strain of detoxification on your body. They're chock full of nutrients that are geared towards fighting toxins and boosting immunity and health. Cold-pressed juice is so potent and instantaneous because it lacks the fibrous pulp of whole fruits and vegetables.

So, if you are looking for a juice without preservatives and added sugar, cold-pressed juices are for you!