3 different types of cold-pressed juice and their benefits

Cold Pressed Juices- types and Benefits

Preet Ki Rasoi


What is cold-pressed juice?

In its final form, it isn’t much different from any other juice, yet, the process is. As the name suggests, it is “pressed”. Cold-pressed juice means juicing by pressing – without the aid of any heat i.e. by using hydraulic power.

Cold-pressing juice machines are called masticating juicers. These juicers extract the juices of fruits and vegetables by pressing and crushing them under strong hydraulic power. So, it takes longer and produces less juice, but, is richer in nutritional content


Cold pressed juice vs. normal juice – How are they different?

There is a huge difference between cold-pressed juice and normal juice.

Depending on the way of their extraction, the juices have different names and different nutritional content.

While cold-pressed juices are extracted with the aid of a hydraulic press, normal juices are extracted with centrifugal juicers.

We are quite familiar with putting all our chopped fruits and veggies into the mixer and spinning it twice or thrice to have a delicious cup of juice. Well, this is how juices have been juiced for ages.

This traditional process of juicing (normal juice) rips and shreds fruits and vegetables to extract the juice from them. The high-spinning blades generate a generous amount of heat in the process, further exposing the product to oxygen, and leading to an overall reduction in the nutritional value of the juice.

As this process of extraction generates heat, it destroys some of the heat-labile vitamins and essential phytochemicals present in fruits and veggies.

Contrary to this, cold-pressed juices are juiced by applying hydraulic pressure to extract the highest amount of liquid possible. This lack of heat and oxidisation keeps the vitamins and minerals intact and offers the maximum health benefits while maintaining the quality.

Is cold-pressed juice good for you?

Cold-pressed juice is the new buzzword in the world of fitties now. Enriched with loads of necessary vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, cold-pressed juices are good for your health. And, when it comes to fruit this truth becomes even more effective. 

Consuming fresh cold-pressed juice means your body gets a wider range of nutrients in one easy-to-go drink. It is as you would get from eating a big bowl of the same thing. This makes it a convenient way to supplement and include cold-pressed juices in your diet.

Cold-pressed juices are high in nutrients such as –

•       Antioxidants

•       Vitamin C

•       Beta carotene

•       Vitamin E

•       Folate


But, you must bear in your mind that juicing removes most of the fibre. Since in the processing of cold-pressed juice the raw materials undergo an immense amount of pressure, it leaves behind the pulp, where the fibre is actually stored.

So, even if these cold-pressed juices have high nutrient content, they lack fibre. This further allow easy absorption of natural sugars in the body.


What are the different types of cold-pressed juices and their benefits?


Widely categorising, there are 3 different types of cold-pressed juices – toxin flush (detox), restore and refresh.

As all the essential vitamins and minerals stay intact in their best form in these juices, all the goodness of the materials is absorbed by the body.


Toxin-flush to boost your detox –

Irrespective of whether you are a dedicated fitness practitioner or a lazy late riser, cold-pressed juice will play an equally effective role to improve your overall health.

Drinking cold-pressed juices assists your body in the process of detoxification. As these juices are full of nutrients, they provide your body with all those essential elements that you need to flush out toxins. Because of lacking the fibrous pulp, your body doesn’t need to break it down in the digestive system before absorbing its goodness.

This means the moment it enters your body, it immediately starts working. This also gives a boost to your immunity and health.

Restoring cold–pressed juices to restore health –

Combining cold-pressed juices with a healthy balanced diet will give you an extra nutritional punch. 

As naturally, the process of extracting cold-pressed juices removes the fibre, opting for naturally high-fibred juices will bridge the gap of lacking fibre.

Since cold-pressed juices are made by crushing and pressing, they lack any additives such as sugar or colour or any sort of added flavour in them. Different fruits and vegetables have their own way of benefitting your health, thus consuming them in a cold press, makes it a really healthy way to restore health.


Refreshing cold-pressed juices for a mood and energy boost –


Containing each and every nutrient in its actual state, cold-pressed juices immediately get absorbed and start working in your system. These juices give you an instant energy kick. Thus, health experts and dieticians often recommend drinking cold-pressed juices before a HIT or cardio session.

Including these health and energy-packed juices will do wonders in your life. Definitely even better as long as you keep practising a healthy diet and keep working out regularly.


But, even though these juices are packed with nothing but goodness, we suggest you consult with your doctor first. Before making this major change to your regular routine, you must be aware of your health conditions. And even better, you will be certain about which cold-pressed juice should you drink to boost your health.


At Preet Ki Rasoi, we care about your health and thus, we bring all these 3 different types of cold-pressed juices to help you flush and fight toxins, boost your immunity and improve your overall health.


Based on your subscription plans, we deliver 15-30 bottles of fresh cold-pressed juices to your doorstep.

Toxin Flush -

To fight toxins our toxin-flush cold-pressed includes the goodness of - Apple, Beetroot, Carrot & Ginger packed with betalains and carotenoids to give you a healthy glow both inside and out.

Health Restore -

Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, we add - Orange, Pineapple, Fresh Turmeric, Ginger and Lemon to extract this health elixir to help you restore wellness and good health.

Mood and Energy Refresh -

To elevate your mood and give you an instant boost of energy, we combine - Spinach, Mint, Celery, Cucumber, Pineapple and Lemon to make the most refreshing cold-press juice for you.


15 bottles available at Rs 1050.00

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